Acknowledge it's not and never was your fault

Break the chains of your past

Choose the future over the past

Don't look back but keep looking forward in life

Emerge a stronger person and envision a better life

Follow your heart

Gather strength from knowing you've survived and lived through alot

Heal from the pain

Imagine a life free from the hurt and pain

Jump in, making the most of what you have left in your life

Keep fighting and surviving on life's battlefield

Love yourself and accept yourself for who you are

Move on one day at a time, one step at a time

Never give up for you've come too far to quit

Offer hope to other survivors and victims by sharing your story

Persevere through life's storms

Quell negative thoughts and influences, surrounding yourself with positiveness

Release your feelings and emotions

Speak out against abuse, shattering your silence

Take back control of your life

Use your voice to be heard

Vent your anger in a healthy way that won't bring harm to yourself

Walk away from things holding you back from moving on with your life

Xrcise your rights to live a life that is abuse free

Yield not to those who only wish to bring you down

Zoom down life's highway, exploring unknown destinations

'Survivor Steps A-Z' Copyright © 2008 Jenna Kandyce Linch