My name is Jenna Kandyce Linch and I am a child abuse and domestic violence survivor.   When I was younger, my dream was to one day become an author.   I followed my heart and pursued my dream of becoming a writer, turning that dream into a reality.  Writing is the way in which I am able to heal from the abuse I went through in my past.  It allows me to release all those feelings and emotions that I have kept locked inside for so long.

It is my sincere hope that through my writing, other survivors and victims of abuse out there may find inspiration and encouragement.  I know that it is tough to get out there and share our stories with the world because those who have not gone through abuse in their lives don’t always understand what we have endured and suffered.  My style of writing is poetry mixed with essays I write based on my experiences and issues that we survivors face every single day. Most of my books are available through major bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Books A Million,, Waldenbooks, Borders,, etc.  I also created an Ezine, Rising Above Magazine, that gives survivors and victims an opportunity to share their stories, poetry, etc. and have their voices be heard.  You can visit Rising Above’s official site at  

I want to be able to give survivors a chance to be heard because I know that there are many voices who have gone unheard and there are many stories out there that have never had the chance to be heard.  I believe that we survivors need to take that step forward in sharing our stories to not only help other victims and survivors but also to shed light on the truth about how damaging abuse is and spread awareness as well as educate those who don’t realize what we survivors and victims have had to endure.


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Books I Have Out:

Taking My Life Back: Poems From The Healing Heart of an Abuse Survivor

Still Standing Strong: Surviving the Storms of Abuse

From One Survivor To Another: Poetry for the Abuse Survivor's Heart

Heart and Soul of a Survivor

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