There are so many useful and helpful sites for abuse victims and survivors.  I made up a list of some that I have found to be really good and beneficial.  I tried to categorize them as best I could and this is just a start; I will try to update this list as I find more sites online.  

Domestic Violence Groups

United Angels Against Domestic Violence-;

Be Silent No More-;

Through The Rain-;

The Lamplighters-;

Survivors Succeed-

Still I Rise, End Domestic Abuse!-

Hope House-;

Creating Survivors-

Turning Point Domestic Violence Shelter-;

Judy's Journey-

Range Womens Advocates-;

The Woman Within-

Women Against Abuse-;

S.A.F.E. (Stop Abuse For Ever)-

Helping Us Heal-;

Survivors Not Victims-

Shattered WINGS (Women In Need of Gaining Strength)-;

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men & Women-;

Strong Tower Ministries-

Women4Women Against Abuse-

End the Silence-


Partners of Survivors-

GraceNAngels is a Survivor-;

Until the Violence Ends-

Domestic Violence Project-;

Abuse No More!-

Unite Against Domestic Violence-

Not A Statistic-

Help, Inc-

Domestic Violence Outreach-

You've Done Nothing Wrong-;

Woman2Woman Stopping Domestic Abuse-

P.A.D.V. (People Against Domestic Violence)-;

SODA (Survivors Of Domestic Abuse)-

Did He Make You Feel Crazy Too-

Child Abuse Groups

Children Without A Voice-

Voices of the Children-

Dream Catchers For Abused Children-

A Change...To Build A Healthier Tomorrow-

Speak Out Against Child Abuse-

Bikers United Against Child Abuse-;

Justice Is The Movement-

Peter Love Foundation-;

Tears for Children-

Helping Hands-;



Stop Abuse! Help Pass Act 1738-; petition site:

Hands of Protection- 

What Hurts Us The Most-

Hands 4 Hope-

Be A Voice-

Stop The Hurt! Be a Voice!-

Open Your Mouth-;

Save A Child-

Children Stand Up-

Brighter Futures-;

Stopping child abuse one step at a time-

Survivors of Childhood Trauma-

Lonely Tears Project- Child Advocate-;

Self Infliction, Depression and Suicide Prevention Groups

Letters of Love-;

To Write Love On Her Arms-;

Open Our Eyes-; contact email:

Beauty from Beneath the Scars-

In Hope and Love Alone-

National Survivors of Suicide Day-;

Honest Conversations-

DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance)-;

AFSP (American Foundation of Suicide Prevention)-;

Something Familiar-

Life Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation-;

These Love Notes-

There Is ALWAYS Hope-

Lending A Helpful Hand-

National Lifeline Suicide Prevention-; 1-00-273-TALK

Body Reclamation Project-

Project F.E.A.R. (Facing Everything and Recovering)-

SPN (Suicide Prevention Network) Founder Main Page-

H.U.G.S. Suicide Support Group-;

Saving Lives One At A Time-

Depression. There is Hope!-

Yellow Ribbon- Break the Silence to Stop Suicide-;

Walking for Suicide Prevention-

SupportForHealing & CenteringPlace-;;

Hold On-

Help Prevent Suicide-

Anti-Self Destruction-;

Living With The Scars-; email:

Self Harm Awareness-;

Tyler SOS (Survivors of Suicide)-;

Dont End Your Story-

The Letters You'll Never Send-

Yellow Ribbon-;

Hold On: an Anti-Suicide Movement-

Prevent Suicide-

Sexual Assault , Sexual Abuse, and Rape Prevention Groups


Report Rape-;

Act Now Defensive Training For Women-; email contact:

Rape Victims Anonymous-

First Step-;

Women Who Fight Back-

RAINN Over Houston-

A Safe Refuge-

SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Center)-;

Support Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Rape-

Operation Care-;

Rape Response Services-;

Prevent rape, sexual, emotional & verbal abuse-

Prevent Sexual Abuse-;

You Can't Hurt Me Anymore-

S.O.S. Stories of Survival-


SECASA (South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault)-;


Darkness to Light-;

New Day Shelter-;

STOP Sexual Abuse Against Children-

Date Rape-

C.A.S.A. (Citizens Against Sexual Abuse)-

The Rape Declaration Forum-;

Survivor Stories-

Project Impact-;

generationFIVE~Ending Child Sexual Abuse-;

Emotional Abuse

Overcoming Powerlessness-;

Emotional Abuse: Help Spread Awareness!-

Emotional Abuse-


George Beasely, The Invisible Soul -;

J.L. Vallee, Severed Soul-;

Brandon Ryan, The Emotional Struggle-;

Donna Savage, The Blood and Tears of Domestic Violence: A Survivor's Revelation-

Stephen Mark, 21 Days to Creating Your Dream Life-;

Lauren Lemos, Animal Cracker Publishing-;

Zulmara, EZ Bilingual-;

Kelly Cyr, Supreme Love: A Battered Woman's Story- Womans;

Christine Sandor, Warming the Stone Children-;

Andy McQuade, Breaking The Chain-

Chastity Elaine, Knowledge of Pain-

Abuse Recovery Author, Nancy Richards-

Jayne Sterne, Destroyed-

David Lowenstein PhD, For the Love of Rachel-

Glenda M. Carter, Sacred Shadow, Sacred Ground-;

Cathy Glass, Damaged-;


Journey of Hope-

Wake Up Stop Child Abuse-;

Musicians Against Abuse-


Musicians for Peace-;

UAFC (United Artists For Charity)-;

John Nathaniel-;

Hope and Inspiration

H.O.Y.D (Hold Onto Your Dreams)- 

Never Quit-; contact email:

Healing Through Creativity-;

Hope Space-

CareLink Community Support Services-;

Recovering From The Past-;



SOS Childrens Villages-;

Project Child Smiles-

Victims No More-

Louise Hay- Heal Your Life-;

Prevent Hate-;

Another Life Foundation-;

OnePerson Difference-

Shine Your Name Here-;

Speak Up-

Recover from the wreckage-;

Motivate 4 Success-

Beauty Amidst The Ashes-

The Love Alliance-;


Life With Purpose-

Center Mark Ministries-

Project: Hope-

And Then There Was Love-

Mental Health/Bipolar Awareness/PTSD

Mental Health America of Franklin County-;

Mental Health Recovery Project-;

Fight The Stigma-

PTSD Hope and Help-; contact email:

Borderline Personality Jacksonville, FL-

Mental Health Recovery-;

An Infinite Mind-;

Bipolar Support-

Mentally United-

Miscellaneous Causes

SPARC (Single Parent Alliance and Resource Center)-;

Able 2 Be Me (Disabled Dating Friends Disabilities Support and Fun)-;


United Cerebral Palsy-;

Stand Up For Veterans-;

Relay For Life Riverton/Herriman/Bluffdale-;

The Raven Foundation-;

Pageantry United-;

Youth for Human Rights Washington DC-;

United Spinal Association-;

In Our Own Voices-;

Smiles Change Lives-;

Breathe 4 Tomorrow Foundation-;

Buckle Up-

Blanket Brigade-

One Million Pink Ribbons-

Breathing is Life-;

Hugs Heal-;

Tortoise Protection Group-;


Points with Purpose-;

Love Your Children More Than You Hate That Man-;

Help Another Soul-;

A Single Light-

Traumatic Brain Injury-

Eating Disorders Awareness/Self Love/Self Image

Love Yourself-;

Eating Disorder Awareness-

Hands Off-;

Believe, Be Real, Become, Be Well-

Waging The War Against Eating Disorders-

Teen Help

Safe Place Reno-;

Help Prevent Teen Dating Violence-


HID Hope In Darkness-