Inspirational Messages

I had an internet radio show that I used to do but I decided to give podcasting a try instead.  Eventually I may go back to the whole internet radio thing, but right now, I want to just do podcasting for awhile to see how it goes.  I am new to the whole podcast thing, but I will try to have inspirational messages for my fellow survivors out there.  I’ll try to cover subjects that survivors and victims struggle with and battle in life as well as share my own personal story and what made me decide to start Survivors United, Rising Above Magazine, etc.  Each time I update and publish a podcast, it shows the latest one first.  If you click on posts on the podcast player, it will show you the list of all the podcasts I have done so far.  Starting At The Beginning is my personal story that you can listen to; it's actually the first time that I have spoken about what I went through instead of just writing it.  Feel free to browse through the different podcasts I have published so far.  I hope that these podcasts can help inspire, encourage, and motivate all victims and survivors of abuse out there.